Thursday, May 31, 2007


So we are in Munich now, definitely a great city, and enjoying it immensely. Last night we went to the Hofbrohaus, an amazingly huge beer house, this city absolutely loves its beer. This place serves beer in the liters, and it is delish. I would estimate it seats around 1000 people? Crazy stuff. Also yesterday before that Pat and I went out to dinner, hands down the most romantic moment we have thus far had.... *coughawkwardturtlecough* But yeah, they played a whole new world, yes the one from Aladin, in German. It was pretty amazing. But yeah the Hofbbrohaus was quite fun, one of the ladies we were with broke her mas (the liter large super thick glasses there) by cheersing too intensely (or to be correct, by "prost"ing too intensely) and that was pretty funny stuff.
Then we did the Mikes bike tour where Pat was deemed the ass man, which means he held up the rear of the tour, and since we were hanging together we got the title "Team Ass"..... definitely one of the least becoming nicknames I have had. The tour was tons of fun though, the tour guide was so charasmatic and the city is very beautiful, we biked through a garden (called the English garden) that is three times the size of central park, pretty impressive. Half way through we stopped at the worlds second largest beer garden (a beer garden is outside, the haus is inside a house... ya) But it holds 8000 people, the largest, still in Munich, holds 9500... crazy again I know. But yeah we signed up for a tour of the castle which the disneyland castle (Neuschwanstein, thanks Pat for that spelling) was modeled from and from pictures it looks BEAUTIFUL so, that should be tons of fun. It also involves swimming in the mountain lakes there (its right up on the Alps) so Im pumped for that since my summers generally involve quite abit of swimming. So Munich is definitely a fun city, beautiful, with great history too (the oldest building was built over 1000 years ago) and great and abundant beer. Good times. I am also uber excited to see my soon to be hitched brother soon, if he was to meet us anywhere, im glad it is here as this is a sweet city, with a fun hostel too (which includes a free welcome beer, lol go munich!) Alas... that is all for now :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ick sprecken ze doitch!

I speak you German! So perhaps that isnt the most fluent german... but its my phrase regardless. (For correct spelling please see

Back in Germany here, Berlin to be specific. Just went to a museum called... Pergamonuseum, I miiight have taken a picture with my camera just to remember that, but alas. There were housed what remained of the gates of Babalon, quite impressive stuff. Definitely wonder of the world worthy. History is quite amazing here, and so so recent. It is definitely an interesting city to explore. Our tour guide yesterday had an interesting thought... "For Germans it is no longer a choice to be proud of our national history, but we can at least take pride in how we deal with that history"

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