Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aaaaand we are in Prague

Or perhaps Praha, depending on your language primarily. Beautiful city though, once you get away from the Eastern block-esque train station (east block = shady stuff) but yeah, the downtown is quite impressive, definitely earns the title the Paris of the east. A city that is stylish, lively, and just has a good overall feel. Beautiful architecture, good history, just an enjoyable city overall. Theres lots more I could write, but Im kind of feeling out of it now so Ill come back and change this one, no worries.

We are leaving soon to meet up with Betka for my tux sizing, then back to Vienna where the family is, exciting times. While I am very much enjoying Europe all the changes constantly are kind of overwhelming at times, at least for me here. I will enjoy getting out to Redondo Beach this next year and spending some time in the same location for awhile, works out better for me I think. I still love traveling dont get me wrong, its just a lot this time. Still an amazing experience however.

Ah ha I finally figured out how to edit this page whilest in German, wooie. Yeah so we are back in Vienna after Prague, my family (parents, gparents, aunt, both my brothers) are somewheres in this town having dinner and here we are at an internet cafe, ballin. My brother tried to give me directions to where thez are at, but hey guess what, once I get past about 4 names such as strategruenfratengausstrasse, the memory is pretty full up, so we decided not to go get lost and hang out here. We went and got my tux sized, swung by a small city right on the border between Austria and Czech, which is apparently the shopping center. The tux is going to be... interesting? I shall explain this more later after I make sure my brother is cool with everything thats going down. Alas it should be a fun time, at least my brother and myself will be wearing all white since its going to be real hot outside, should make it more comfortable for us. Okie perhaps more updating later :)