Saturday, June 2, 2007

Muchen, the third day

So I will start with a brief recap of yesterday since it was pretty much amazing.

The castle, Neuschwanstein, it was absolutely amazing. Perhaps the single most impressive structure I have ever seen. Created by a crazy, arguably gay, king who had no concept of money and therefore created an entirely grandeous structure with no restraints. Quite a hike up to the castle but once there, its just sickly impressive. It is the castle which the Disneyland castle was modeled off of, quite fairy-tale-esque but really just a house for the king of Bavaria.

To subtley switch gears... Today we went to the concentration camp in Daschau, a city close to Munich here. This experience was perhaps the single most disturbing thing I have ever experienced. This concentration camp was the first camp, since the Nazi's came to power in Munich, and set the standard for all other camps, mainly the slogan ... Work will set you free. This idealized lie was meant to portray the camp in the minds of the citizens as a type of mind changing work camp for those not loyal to the Reich, or considered undesirable. The attrocities carried out here, the sheer hate, is frankly overwhelming. Spending time roaming around an area so undeniably evil, learning about the reasons behind the political movement, the collecting, the sorting, the ... rediculously brutal treatment all in the name of some sort of misguided ideal, its just disturbing the human race sunk so so low, and so recently in history too. Not sure what else is to be said here, but if you are ever in Munich, definitely go see this camp. I dont think Ive ever had the feeling before that I was going to cry and vomit simultaneously, but I think thats about the best way I can explain how it made me feel. Absolutely horrible.

Anyways... I guess theres a hope in remembering, and never forgetting what was done there.

Well, no intent to leave on such a sour note but, the brother and the fellas are arriving soon for what should be a lovely night of drinking large liter beers so, should probably take off so they can find us. Hope all is well with everyone, and I'm sorry about being so frank with my reactions to Daschu but, such is life, the amazing, and the ugly.